Marketing online just like off-line marketing requires complete,clearly articulated and defined marketing strategies.Every online strategy should define how the business entails to enter the realm of online marketing,how you intend to attract new prospects as well as converting these prospects/leads into sales.Moreso you should also clearly outline how you are going to fully maximize the buying potential of these prospects,how you can earn money for a "lifetime" from your customer database.This requires you to outline the different elements of your marketing strategies.

There dozens of online marketing strategies that you can successfully impliment easly and profitably in any chosen niche/field.In this vein you need to practically use them inorder of profitability and wherever possible at the best minimal expenditure so as to reap more rewards.

It is an open secret that inorder to be a success story,you need to get rid of unprofitable marketing strategies so as to put all you focus and energy on the ones that have a proven track record of success.

However,it is good to note that a certain marketing strategy perceived to be the best in a certain niche/field might not produce the desired results in your field.In other words,dont be a blind follower,sift through them all,and choose only the very best.The internet is awash with information and the best information for your business could be just a click away.




The first and possibly most important marketing strategy of them all,is to test any strategy you are currently undertaking.If you fail to o this,you will never know wether you are doing the right things or not.There is a need to track,for example where your audience is coming from,what they do when they get to your site.You need to track every single click,sale and if you engage in PPC campaigns you should track the ads as well.

How do i track my marketing strategies?

If possible,one best way of testing your marketing efforts is to invest in a software or marketing tool that enables you to automate the whole process.Doing it manually takes time and effort,both of which are fundamentally needed in building your online success.

What features should i look for in a tool?

Basically the tool should not only be quick and easy to use but should be affordable as well.It should be able to track at least every single pay-per-click ad,your website ads as well as e-mail ads recording not only clicks but sales as well.

Which tools can do this for me?

One easy to use and affordable tool that can do the testing and tracking work for you is Lynax Tracker.There are lots of other tools that can also do the same thing for you,at times at exhorbitant prices.

How much should i pay for such a tool?

Some tools might cost you a couple of hundrends and underdeliver,yet if prices haven't changed,you can get Lynax Tracker for less than $30,which is financially nothing compared to what the tool can do for your business.

For a full description of the tool and its features,CLICK HERE.

Which other tools can i use for Testing and Tracking?

When it comes to testing,one tool that you can use is HEADLINE MAXMIZER.You can use it for testing the different headlines for your offer and then automatically select the one that results in the most customers and/subscribers.In a synopsis,this tool can test headlines,layout designs,images and sub-headlines.Again affordability comes into play as the software costs less than $30.Check full features and benefits here.


One thing you should always bear in mind is that search engine users are the most qualified and motivated visitors to your website.Successful search engine marketing can drive thousands if not millions (depending on your niche) of targeted traffic to your e-commerce web store.If implimented correctly,this marketing strategy alone can bring-in tonnes of business on a daily basis and at almost no cost to you.

What should i aim for on this marketing strategy?
  • Basically speaking,you should aim for the attainment of the best possible results,ie, to get and maintain top 10 rankings on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.This obviously translate into more customers,hence more sales.
  • There are possibly thousands if not millions of your competitors on the web at this very moment.Inorder for you to be on the 1st or 2nd page (the first page is the one that matters)you will have to out-perfom and out-wit your competitors.Depending on how well you do it,this task can either be as easy as ABC or it can be a hard-nut to crack.
  • In short aim to be the best,nothing else but the best,aim for the top spot and do everything else with that goal in mind.
How do i achieve successful Search Engine Marketing?

To start with,you will have to understand the following.

a] The importance of key-word research

b]Why and how search engine rankings work as well as how they can geometrically increase your sales without spending money in advertising.

c ] The importance of website,web page and content optimization.

d ] How Search Engines rank pages,what they look for and what can make your site blacklisted.

Click To Download One Of The Best [pdf] e-Books On SEO.

Which is the best Tool for Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

The answer to this question is that there are lots of tools that can do the job for you.All you have to do is do your home work and do it right.Be careful though as some of the tools that promise you heaven on earth will give you hell in paradise.Dont fall for scammers and con-artists as they are always ready to pounce on unsuspecting customers.

What features should i look for in the tool of my choice?
  • Firstly,it should be multi-featured and should guarantee you that your site will be listed on the 1st page of google or any Search Engine of your choice,for any keyword(s) of your choice,within a reasonable amount of time of say 100days or your money back.
  • It should be able to do keyword research for your business.


Another marketing strategy which can make you lots of money without much risk is engaging in joint ventures.

A joint venture is a deal usually between two marketing partners where both bring something of value and profit.There are basically many ways of structuring joint ventures and talking about them would need another page so thats your homework to do.

What are the prerequisites for a successful J.V ?



A high profit margin product or service.

A high quality customer mailing list.

Benefits of Joint Ventures.

One of the advantages of joint ventures is that they result in business expansion mainly through taping into new markets.Your business can achieve unexpected gains through joint ventures.It is common knowledge that joint ventures enable both parties to benefit from the other's share of the market.

In other words there is an established market potentially waiting for the product to be launched.By so doing a lot of money and resources could be saved yet reaping huge profits.Moreso joint ventures allow businesses to come up with new and creative ideas for a huge market.

Which tool can i use to do joint ventures?

For online marketers,one low cost [less than $70],reliable and easy to use tool is J.V AVALANCHE.With this marketing tool you can automate all the major tasks of joint ventures.It works with any affiliate program or script.Some of the benefits of this tool is the ability to create Ads for any purpose so that your joint venture partners can insert the Ads into any pages on their website.They can also insert the Ads into their own content if they wish.If you change any aspect of your Ads,your joint venture partners would automatically receive the new Ads without any effort on their part.

Click here to locate the tool and its benefits and features.


Paid-advertising include pay-per-click,pay-per-lead and pay per sale.Depending on your business needs and budget,you can choose all or any of these advertising strategies.

-Pay-Per-Click - simply put you are advertising to your target audience and pay everytime someone clicks on your ads.

-Pay-Per-Lead - Here you are paying for leads.These leads may be potential customers that fill out a registration form or dowload a free trial for a product.

-Pay-Per-Sale - these are affiliate programs and you pay your affiliates a set commission for each qualifying sale.

Which marketing tools can i use for paid advertising ?

Depending on the type of advertising you choose,there are quite a lot of reliable and easy to use tools that you can use to effectively impliment this marketing strategy.

One tool you should definately check is P.P.C ORACLE.This tool optimizes your keyword list,automatically eliminating and sidelining loss-makers.It also gives you a detailed analysis of campaign perfomance and a list of unprofitable keywords besides undecided keywords,ie,keywords that have generated clicks yet haven't yet generated at least 3 sales.

Its a must have marketing tool for anyone who engages in P.P.C campaigns.

Check P.P.C Oracle here for a detailed explanation of benefits and features.

Another great marketing tool you can use is Photo Ad Pro

Lynax Tracker also tracks Pay-Per-Click ads on autopilot

One other tool especially if you engage in Adsense campaigns is Adsense Click Lock.Find details here.


E-mail marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to market online.One way and possibly the best technique is to use an autoresponder which will automatically send e-mail messages in response to an action that a customer has perfomed.

What you should do?

The first most important thing you need to do to have successful e-mail marketing campaigns is to capture your visitors' e-mail addresses and build a subscriber base of at least 10,000+.You have to ask for their e-mail addresses because noone will simply give you their details.The following ways work for many online businesses so choose the very best that goes hand-in-glove with the vision and mission of your business,including its concepts and intergrity.

-Create a sign-up page to capture their e-mail addresses

-You can also create a hover Ad.This is like a pop-up Ad that cannot be blocked.This should be used with caution as it can be irritating for some visitors.

-Create a report or a free gift - you should offer them something for free in return for them giving you their name and e-mail address.

Once you have their details,build trust and a relationship with them.Send them an e-mail in their inbox prompting them to click onto your newsletter page which is part of your website.Inorder for them to click you need to write a compeling and enticing e-mail message.

Your newsletter should have content,but most importantly links to products,affiliate links and adverts.All the links should carry the same subject or at least related.

Which tools are the most effective for e-mail marketing?

It is an open secret that two best e-mail marketing tools on the web are Aweber and Getresponse.Both tools are basically easy to use and they offer expert support for creating and managing text and e-mail marketing campaigns and newsletters.They also have an unmatched capability of converting contacts into customers.

Try Aweber for 1month for as little as $1.Click here.

You also need to try video e-mail marketing as it gives a face and a voice to your messages and tripple the click through rates on your links and products.

Click to visit Getresponse.

Which other,affordable,low cost list building tools can i use ?

Give Away Event Manager -[less than $40 once-off]

Power List Pro -[less than $50 once-off]

Get detailed explanations of the above two tools here.

You can also learn a lot on list building by reading this free e-book ....List building Strategies


This is another marketing strategy often overlooked by many marketers.Making your site sticky does not mean that you have to awash it with all kinds of junk.It simply means,once a visitor comes to your site,they should have the edge to stay a little bit longer and develop a liking of the site to such an extent that they will come back again.

There are lots of ways through which you can hype-up your site.Depending on your business needs,you can add the following pages onto your site so that people can stay a little longer or at least leave their information behind [which will be part of your e-mail list].


   -Forums page


   -Latest news

   -Video messaging etc

To a larger extent,these pages can form part of marketing strategies as they keep users coming back and they also develop somesort of interactivity with them.

For more strategies you can read these free e-books :

You can visit our blog for more information on affordable online marketing Tools and Strategies.Click Here........

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