Affordable And Low Cost Online Marketing Tools

Affordable online marketing tools are a must have for anyone who markets online.The idea behind low cost marketing tools is to boost sales and maximize profits by all means necessary.

Below you will get a snap analysis of the various online marketing tools which you can use to automate major portions of your online business website.

After using the tools,you are likely to see a dramatic increase in traffic,sales and consequently profits.The tools allow you to engage more with your customers,whether you are tracking sales,tracking your ads,using PPC campaigns or simply want to motivate your customers to take an action.

                                          Your Money Making Tools:

#1 ]  Headline Maximizer -One Affordable Marketing Tool Which Can Maximize Your Profits On Autopilot:

Almost any online marketer wants to maximize profits.This low cost Online marketing tool saves you both time and energy while increasing your profits on autopilot.

We all know that for people to read your offers,more often than not,they are drawn in by your headlines and subheadlines.With this tool,you can automatically test different headlines for your offers.Depending on your marketing needs,it will then select the best headline that has the potential of resulting in most customers and/or subscribers.

The tool is not limited to testing headlines only.It can test any of the following marketing elements:

  • Your headlines and subheadlines
  • Any text block of your choice
  • Your layout designs
  • It can also test your images
  • it can test any of your complete webpages.

If you are serious about your business,then you definately understand the power and importance of testing,the power and significance of both your headlines and sub headlines.

                   How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Basically speaking,the tool gives and displays different options to your visitors automatically,then it tracks these options for you.Having done that,it determines which headline,sub headline or page is perfoming best.It will then automatically use the most successful option for all of your future visitors.

   Price - less than $50.

  #2 ]  Lynax Tracker - For All Your Ads And P.P.C   Campaigns.

Maybe you have not yet discovered the power of online advertising.Maybe your PPC campaigns are not producing the best of results..

Well with this low cost and reliable easy to use tool,you can track every single pay per click Ad,Website Ad as well as e-mail Ads.It goes a step further by automatically recording not only clicks but sales generated by each ad campaign.

Besides tracking your sales,the tool is affordable with no monthly fees.It also shows you your sub campaigns and keyword stats for your links.This allows you to make an informed choice on profitable keywords when advertising your your products and services.

Another benefit of this tool is the fact that it shows you detailed stats of all your links,that is total clicks each link has received each day for the whole month.

                           Price     -    less than $30.Click on the text link on the top right corner of this page to get the tool.

#3 ]  Instant Profit Brander - Your Low cost Marketing Tool For Viral Marketing

Iam sure you know the power of viral marketing.With this affordable online marketing tool,you can instantly transform your or other people's e-books and softwares into your very own viral marketing power houses by inserting your website links and advertisements.

The power of both name and brand recognition should never be underestimated.With this tool,you can boost your by showing it prominently on every package which consequently results in trust building and possibly repeat sales.

It does not just your name but your site links and mini-text adverts thereby bringing a steady stream of targeted traffic to your site.

The packages you brand will definately be passed on and around by others.You can use it to brand most if not all of the free stuff you are currently giving away on your site.

Price - less than $50.Check link on your right hand side.

#4 ]  Web Sales Motivator - How Can You Motivate Your Customers To Buy?

Have you ever wondered how you can motivate your customers to buy?With this affordable marketing software,you can employ positive and powerful motivation techniques and tactics on your web pages or sales letters.

One way which definately makes people buy is the use of scarcity.In real life economies,one a product becomes scarce,people scramble to buy it,funny enough,even those with no intention of using it.

You too should use the same techniques on your website using this marketing resource.

Moreso,the tool also allows you to use time pressure so as to increase sales.It can perfom a wide array of other motivating tactics for you.

Price - less than $40.Link for this tool is on the top right hand corner of this page. 

#5 ]  Photo Ad Pro - A Picture Speaks More Than A Thousand Words.

Where words fail,you can successfully use pictures.This has the potential of boosting your website sales and click through rates

With such an affordable and quality online marketing tool,you can create superb photo Ads so as to promote either your own products or affiliate products.

The tool is quick and easy to set up and shows your Ads on an unlimited number of websites.You can also monitor the perfomance of your photo Ads and change them any time you wish.

#6 ]  PowerList Pro - When Your Autoresponder Is Not Enough.

This affordable online marketing tool allows you to build your own money making opt-in-list on autopilot..

With the tool,you can automatically build your list through your affiliate links.There are times when you feel like you want to use pop-ups,sign up forms and squeeze pages so as to grow your opt-in-list in no time.

This tool can do all that automatically.Your subscribers' details will be automatically added to your autoresponder.

It can also create professional looking sign up forms and add them to your site.One benefit of creating a squeeze page is the fact that it forces your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list before they are allowed to view the sales page or download a product or take any action on your site.

    Price - less than $50.Get the tool on the link below which will also take you to Blog Theme Generator.





 #7]  BLOG THEMES GENERATOR [for wordpress blogs]


This software ,allows you to get loads of different ways to instantly create great looking themes for all your word press blogs.With this tool you can :

  • instanly turn any photo into a complete blog theme in 60seconds
  • instantly turn any header graphic into a complete blog theme
  • Instantly customize existing themes
  • quick and easy photo cropping
  • quick and easy theme creation
  • quick and easy theme customization




#8 ]  J.V AVALANCHE -for all of your joint venture partnerships:

You can create an avalanche of traffic and sales by getting loads of joint venture partners to promote your products on their websites and thank you pages.

This marketing tool is a proven recipe for massive profits. It also works with any affiliate program or script.With this tool you can create Ads for any purpose and your JV partners can insert these Ads into any pages on their website - even inserting them into their own content pages if they wish.You can also change your Ads at any time.Your JV partners will automatically get their Ads updated,without them having to do anything at all.






This low-cost marketing tool can pump hundreds of new subscribers into your mailing list in just a few days.This tool:

  • automatically operates a money making one time offer
  • provides a simple tracking link for each partner
  • provides complete sales tracking for all one time offers.
  • You can add a one time offer to boost profits
  • Simple tracking makes sure your event is a success.
  • Tracks the number of clicks,visitors,subscribers and sales for each partner.
  • Maintains a league table to motivate partners to promote
  • Comes with an information-packed report on how to run an event.






Nomatter what the nature of your business is or how much experience you have on the net,Site Build It! can help you build a profitable and  thriving highly-trafficked website.From affiliate marketers,webmasters and network marketers SiteBuildIt! can leverage your business and your profits.

Site Build It! combines everything you need in one-low price for example hosting with unlimited bandwith which includes domain name,catch-all e-mail address,programming-free-site building,intergrated e-zine publishing functionality,unlimited single and sequential Autoresponders,customform/survey/poll creation,intergrated link exchange program and automated site marketing and promotion software.

It has a proven track record of empowering small businesses online by automating the necessary web technology.

If you are a small business owner click here...

 #11 ]  P.P.C ORACLE - for all of your PPC campaigns

If you are a pay-per-click marketer then you need to stop pouring money down the drain on worthless clicks with this great marketing tool.This powerful but affordable software will optimize your keyword list,eliminating loss-makers and calculating optimum keyword bid prices automatically.This marketing tool:

Reduce  losses by boosting quality score

Precisely target click costs for increased profits.

It gives you a detailed analysis of campaign perfomance.

It gives you suggestions of profitable keywords

It also gives you a list of undecided keywords.These are keywords that have generated clicks but have not yet received 100 clicks or generated 3 sales,so there aint enough data to determine whether they are profitable or not.

From your list of keywords,the tool gives you a list of unprofitable keywords.These includes keywords that would have generated 100 clicks but not generated sufficient sales to make a profit.

This marketing tool will then display a new keyword list that it generates and compiles automatically.All the unprofitable keywords would be automatically removed from your list and your Ad will nolonger be shown for those keywords saving you money.




The marketing tool below is a must have for any internet business owner.This amazing marketing tool does the following and many more things on autopilot saving you time,money and energy:

its an ALL-IN-ONE marketing tool that does:

keyword research

it optimizes your pages and then submits your website to search engines and internet directories.

it checks out how search engines rank your website for certain keywords that lead to sales

Every succesful internet marketer knows that search engine users are some of the most qualified and motivated type of traffic any website can have.IBP helps you to get your website in front of all these potential customers.This search engine marketing tool will analyze all important web page factors so that your web pages will be perfectly prepared for Google's hypertext-matching analysis.

One good thing about this tool is that the company guarantees you that your website will be listed in the top 10 results in any search engine of your choice,for a keyword of your choice within a minimum of 90days.If your website is not listed in the top 10 results,they will give you your money back.This guarantee is valid for one full-year after your purchase.

IBP Starndad:Use IBP Standard if you Optimise Your Own Websites.Get yours on the link below for less than $300.

IBP Business: Use IBP Business If You Optimise Websites For Clients.Click on link below to get yours for less than $500.


Download IBP's Free Version Which Comes With A Free SEO e-Book here.


This is my list of affordable online marketing tools which you should use for your business.You need tools which can greatly improve your online marketing initiatives.

Searching,locating and investing in reliable low cost tools can really be a daunting task.Besides saving you money,there are many more benefits and reasons why you should use such affordable marketing resources and softwares for your business.



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