Our Mission

Reviewing and delivering excellent online marketing tools,products,strategies and services to those involved in the world of Online Marketing. 



Our Values

Excellence,Comitment,Dedication,Trust,Compassion,Kindness,Honesty,Empathy,And Pursuit Of Online Success.


 About 911Marketing Solutions

We are a young,developing,ambitious,innovative, dynamic and future oriented organistion which provides a combination of the best yet affordable online marketing tools,resources and strategies which can be used by business owners,individuals and online marketers to boost sales and maximise profits.We also help small businesses to build and sustain successful online marketing campaigns.Please free to contact us here.

911Marketing Solutions is managed by Tamirirashe Zhou of the affiliate marketing community,who has vast experience in the Education sector,Timeshare Consulting and Online marketing.He is a holder of a B.A degree and is currently studying for a B.com degree specialising in Entrepreneurship.As an educator,Timeshare sales executive and Online marketer  over the years,he has managed to master the ropes of internet marketing using different techniques and strategies.Tami is responsible for the development and implementation of 911Marketing Solutions' marketing initiatives,including client acquisition strategies,public relations campaigns,event marketing programs,training,sales management and online marketing strategies.




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