Affordable e-mail marketing tools and Autoresponders.

E-mail marketing is possibly one of the best and most cost effective ways to market on the internet and to successfuly implement this marketing strategy you need an affordable,reliable and reputable autoresponder.

Basically speaking autoresponders or mailbots are some of the most used online marketing tools.This is mainly so because of the return on investment which you will get once you start using these tools.

Why you need an e-mail marketing tool?

There are so many reasons why you need to invest in an e-mail marketing tool.Even though the reasons are varied,they all lead to one main goal which is achieving online business success.Some of the reasons include but are not limited to the following:

e-mail marketing is affordable and low-cost

an autoresponder allows you to automate major parts of customer service and public relations

e-mail marketing is an effective way to welcome new prospects as well as thanking them for the effort they took to visit your website

an autoresponder is an effective way of building an e-mail list whose importance should not be underestimated.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a side server application that will automatically capture your visitor's name and e-mail address then it instantly replies with a pre-wrtitten message,besides automatically adding the same name and e-mail address to your mailing list and believe me you,you need this list in most if not all of your online marketing ventures.

How do i choose a reputable and reliable e-mail marketing tool for my business?

There are so many e-mail marketing tools to choose from.However,it is not all of them that will deliver excellent customer and product service.Before you invest in any autoresponder,you need to make sure that your hosting plan supports the programming language that the autoresponder is written in.

For example,if the tool is written in PHP,then make sure that your website hosting provider has PHP installed on the server.

When choosing an e-mail marketing tool,try to get a complete e-mail marketing solution.The tool you invest in should be fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists [eg 1million+ subscribers].Besides the tool should be :

      -Affordable for your marketing budget.

      -it should be easy to use so as to save time and effort

      -should offer expert support for creating and managing e-mail and video marketing campaigns and newsletters.Video e-mail marketing gives a face and a voice to your messages and more often than notwill tripple if not quadripple your click through rates.

      -It should also have the capability of converting both new and old contacts into lifetime customers.

One e-mail marketing tool worth your investment is Aweber.As a business owner,you can take full advantage of their complete e-mail marketing system and geometrically increase your profits.Click here to visit Aweber.

Which e-mail marketing tools and list building can i use for my business?

1] Aweber

As already mentioned above you should really give it a try because it seems to have stood the test of time considering the time period the tool has been in existance.Moreso most companies and small businesses seem to be using it.

Some of the benefits of using aweber include the following:

it has a shopping cart intergration system

you can attach files when sending e-mails

it offers great social media and blog intergration features.Most autoresponders do not offer this feature.

Aweber also gives you detailed campaign analytics hence showing you what works and what does not work.By so doing it makes it easier for you to formulate new marketing strategies...(MORE BENEFITS AND PRICING PLANS HERE)

2]Getresponse -

Here is yet another affordable yet reliable e-mail marketing tool for your business.Basically speaking beside overall pricing plans,there are very little differences between aweber and getresponse.Based on features,it would really be unfair to say one is better than the other.Visit the Getresponse home page here.

Read more about list building and e-mail marketing  strategies by reading this useful e-book.

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