Another low-cost but quality online marketing tool for affiliate marketing.With this tool,affiliates can now win the battle for increased profits.

Affordable Online Marketing Tools For Affiliates

              The goal is to make money and lots of money for that matter

Who is really making money online?The truth is that there are thousands of affiliate marketers who are making thousands of dollars be it weekly or monthly selling other people's products.

In the same vein,unfortunately,there are also thousands of affiliates who are taking home close to nothing each month.To them,the idea of making money online is nothing but just a fairy-tale.

Why is one affiliate more successful than the other?

Basically speaking,the reasons are varied hence there can never be a single satisfactory explanation.

However,it is an open secret that there are tens of thousands of affiliate marketers on the internet.As a result,the competition is stiff,commissions are becoming more scarce by the day and so are customers as affiliates chase the same elusive prospects to buy more of the same products.

One obvious explanation to the above question though is that many online marketers have resorted to using special affordable online marketing tools to give them an edge over other marketers.

If done correctly and used with  well planned marketing strategies,some online marketing tools can really bring the much needed magic formula.

Below is a list of affordable marketing tools which are currently being used by some of the most highly successful supper-affiliates.

 Your low-cost affiliate marketing tools:

                            1] Search Engine Marketing :

Most successful affiliate marketers invest in Search Engine Marketing tools which have the capability of putting their sites on the first page of Google or any other search engine.Most popular or sought after tools include Web CEO and Internet Business Promoter,with the latter taking center stage for various reasons.Check IBP here.....

              2] Paid and free advertising :

It is a sad fact of life that only 10 sites can make to the first page of Google for any particular keyword phrase.It is for this reason that most affiliate marketers have resorted to the use of both free and paid advertising.

Whichever way they choose,they make sure that they invest in affordable online marketing tools which will help them get the most out of this marketing strategy.

Tools invested in include those that can track these Ads and automatically record both clicks and sales..One such tool is Lynax Tracker which at the time of writting was on special offer going for less than $30.

It tracks which of your advertsing campaigns is more responsive and it also tracks the keywords that people are using to get to your site.

Check it out here to view more features and benefits or simply download the free version to see what the tool can do for your business.

Most affiliate marketers who engage in paid advertising also use Pay-Per Click Oracle which optimizes their keywords and gives them a detailed analysis of how each of their campaigns is perfoming.When i last checked,this low cost marketing tool was going for less than $50.Check P.P.C. Oracle here...


     3]  Inorder to have an added advantage over other affiliates,they also employ powerful useful motivating techniques on their web pages.One affordable online marketing tool which they use is Web Sales Motivator which you can locate on the above last mentioned link.It is a fact that if visitors are not motivated they can rarely buy.Using tools to help you achieve that goal can be really helpful

     4]  Viral Marketing :

Most supper affiliates also employ the techniques of using viral marketing techniques so as to get more sales and boost not only their commissions but name and brand recognition as well.For example,they brand other people's e-books and softwares with their links and adverts.One tool which does this for them is Instant Profit Brander which costs less than $50.Click here for a detailed review.

     5]  They also engage in Joint Ventures

And to do that successfully,they invest in affordable online marketing tools which help them to automate major portitions of the project.Engaging in joint ventures or establishing an alliance system with other online businesses expands your sphere of influence.It allows you not only to reach new customers,but enter into new sales channels as well.Going it alone might not yield results.Doing joint ventures will definatlely boost your affiliate commissions.One affordable marketing tool you can use to have successful and well automated Joint Ventures is J.V.Avalanche.You can check J.V.Avalanche on the above last mentioned  link.

     6]  They also invest in affordable online marketing tools which can help them boost their commissions.

Successful affiliate marketers also employ other techniques which are rarely used by other other affiliates.For example they create animated effects which ultimately draws the attention of potential buyers.One low-cost tool they use to do this is Web Power Effects Pro.

          You can locate Web Power effects Pro here....


This marketing tool can massively boost your affiliate commissions with almost zero effort.Thousands if not millions of affiliates now promote the same affiliate programs chasing the same customers to buy the same products.As a result,many marketers have resorted to using special marketing tools to give them an edge over other affiliates.The tool can:

  • inrease profits using link cloacking - it produces neat,clean links that look just like links to pages on your site.As a result you stop people from stealing your money through through link hacking.Using link cloaking makes it harder for people to hack your links,putting more money in your pocket with an almost zero-effort.
  • With ultra maxed,you can promote two things at once for free.Link branding is a special form of link cloaking,offering all the benefits of link cloaking but with more benefits.After branding your link,a small messge is shown in a small strip,either above or below the page.You can write any message you want and put a link to any web site of your choice.
  • Covert linking a.k.a 'page by passing.-By doing this you can send visitors to any page on any site you are promoting
  • You can bypass loss making squeeze pages.You can send all your visitors directly to the sales page.
  • Bypass loss making sales pages - you can send your visitors straight to the order link.This gives you a massive advantage over other affiliates promoting the same products.
  • Weed out weak affiliate programs and find the most profitable on autopilot.
  • You can instantly view and administer all your affiliate links at any time,at the same time.
  • You can also use it for Ad tracking with detailed stats






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