Well,it has been said that this marketing tool can create a powerful online marketing machine for any online marketer.We are going to look at the features and limitations of this marketing software so that you can make your own conclusion as to whether the tool is good for your business or not.

Our research on the tool has shown that with this marketing tool,you can promote your business and drive an avalanche of targeted traffic to your own website so easly and affordably.This in turn will make you tonnes of sales thereby boosting your profits.Of course it all depends on some factors without this tool's control.You have to consider the type of business you are in and the niche as well as the competitive nature of your products and / services.

                                         How Does It Work?
Basically speaking,the software transforms other people's e-books and softwares into your own marketing warehouses by showing your adverts and links therein.One good thing about this tool is the fact that you can brand other people's ebooks and softwares which say you will be selling,with your name hence it forms part of free advertising  for your business.Besides the fact that customers will see your adverts and name,the tool is really easy and quick to use.

Every package which you automatically create will feature adverts with your texts and images.You can realistically market any product of your choice for example your own products or be they affiliate programs.In a way,this will create another powerfull marketing solution for your online business which is Viral marketing.

Lets just put some of the benefits in a nutshell.Below are just some of the advantages of using this low-cost and affordable marketing software.
                    -It displays your names on any package of your choice thereby increasing your name recognition hence establishing some sort of credibility for your business.
                    -Your site link and text adverts will be displayed on every package bringing your business a qualified audience in the process.
                    -It generates powerfull,high impact full color adverts for your marketing ventures.
                    -Allows you to tap into viral marketing which will prove worth your while in the long run.

          Limitations Of The Tool

Even though its a great marketing tool,just like any other software,Instant Profit Brander also has its own kind of limitations.The disadvantage is that it can only be used on computers running microsoft windows.As a result the packages it creates will also only work on PCs with or running microsoft windows.Otherwise,it is must have marketing tool for anyone marketing online.