Choosing the best Search Engine Marketing Tool is not always easy.There are plenty of S.E.M tools online that claim to put your site on the first page of Google.Some claim to do that for you within a few days if not hours.Some give you a money back guarantee of 30days.

       Are Their Promises Realistic?

The truth is,dont worry about whether your site can move from page rank number 1000007 to the 4th spot on the first page of Google within a few hours.Even if that goal is achieved,the pleasure would be short-lived as you would be in trouble with the search engines sooner than later.Investing in such tools is like investing in get rich quick-schemes.Your site is most likely to be blacklisted by search engines and consequently loosing both your money and site.

     Which time period is realistic?

Well for me,any search engine marketing tool which promises me that my almost useless site will receive first page rankings within less than two months is a bad investment.We all want quick fixes to our problems and we all know  that building a successful,well optimized website is never an event but a process.90+ days but at least less than 6months sounds realistic to me.

     What features should i look for in a Search Engine Marketing Tool?

Search engine marketing is really time consuming for all online marketers.To save time and obtain the best possible results within a reasonable amount of time,you would need a tool that at least automates most of the following
     -a tool that determines  the keywords that people are actually using to search for your product/service
     -a tool that can check your site rankings so that you you can have first hand information as to how your site is perfoming,moreso if its rankings are improving
     -a tool that can automatically submit your site to search engines and directories as well as do social bookmarking.
     -a tool that also automates the whole process of on page optimization and do competitor research
     -last but not least,the tool should guarantee you that your site will be listed on the first page of a search engine of your choice and for keywords of your choice.

Genarally speaking,there are many tools on the market that can do the above for your business.These include but are not limited to S.E.O Powersuite,Web C.E.O,and Internet Business Promoter.These tools can basically do a perfect job  for your business.I say these are the best Search engine marketing tools.

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