Most online marketers prefer to use Aweber when it comes to e-mail marketing and autoresponder services.In this review of Aweber we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of this marketing tool as well as its pricing.In terms of credibility and trustworthy Aweber is the oldest and possibly the most sought after e-mail marketing tool online

          Benefits Of Using Aweber:

   * There is a 30day money back guarantee,hence if you are not satisfied you can get your investment back
    *It has a shopping-cart intergration system
    *You get options of attaching files
   *It is highly customizable
   * Its simple and easy to use
   *It offers you great social media and blog intergration features which is a huge plus as compared to other autoresponders
   *The tool also gives you detailed campaign analytics making your job far much easier.
   *It offers you e-mail and broadcast scheduling
   * It also offers you newsletter templates and an unlimited number of autoresponders

           Disadvantages of Aweber

Being one of the oldest autoresponders doesnot mean that this tool has no downsides.It simply means it has a few when compared to other autoresponders.The disadvantages include :

    *The tool has no automatic duplicate subscriber removal capability
    *Importing lists is much more time consuming when compared to other autoresponders

        How Much Would You Pay For Aweber ?

Well it all depends on your business needs and the size of your mailing list which is pretty fair because you pay for what you have.This is how it goes for sbsribers of below 500:
 1st month - $1
 1 month recurring - $19
3months recurring - $49 which means you save $8
12months recurring - $193.80 you save yourself an additional $34.20 which you can use for google adwords

However if it so happens that your subscribers exceed 500,Aweber will charge you a monthly fee as follows :
                            0 - 500 = $19
                            501 - 2500 = $29
                            2501 - 5000 = $49
                            5001 - 10,000 = $69
                            10001 - 25000 = $149

          Ovaral Analysis
  Aweber has stood the test of time.The mere fact that they have been in business longer than other autoresponder service providers could mean that they are done with trial and error setbacks that are likely to befall other companies.It is a great autoresponder service for anyone who is seriuos about using e-mails as an effective marketing tool.